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2 months ago

Jackie and I are thrilled to share the following Publishers Weekly review of Perception of Power:

Thomason’s heroic Florida cop, Clay Randall, gets into major trouble in his dramatic third outing (after 2010’s The Six O’Clock Rule) after a bizarre chain of events leads to tragedy. Clay, a commander with the Jacksonville Beach PD, happens to be in a convenience store when an elderly man in a wheelchair shoplifts some snacks. When Clay intervenes, the would-be thief flees the store into the street, only to be fatally struck by a concrete truck, which, in turn, slams into the SUV carrying Gina Starks, a close friend of Clay’s wife. Gina is killed instantly, and her young daughter is seriously injured. Clay’s inadvertent role incurs the wrath of Gina’s father, U.S. Senator Thomas Barclay, a leading contender for the White House, and places him in Barclay’s crosshairs. Barclay’s unscrupulous chief of staff, Lou Dunlop, eventually devises a fiendish scheme to ruin Clay, and the plot follows up the action-packed opening with even more surprising developments. The author’s four-plus decades in law enforcement lend the story verisimilitude. (BookLife)
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Find Out What It’s (Police Work) Really Like

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