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The following is a conversation I had recently with Detective Sergeant Summer Hayes about the next installment of the Detective Clay Randall Thriller Series:

BT: Hey, Summer. How’s it going?
SH: You know, busy working cases. What’s up?
BT: Occasionally, readers ask me about the characters in the books, so I thought I’d give you an opportunity to share something about yourself.
SH: Like what?
BT: Okay, here’s a question Jackie asked me. Why is your hair dark brown instead of blond with a name like Summer?
SH: You’re kidding, right? You’re asking me why my hair is this color? I don’t recall you ever asking any other character what color they wanted theirs to be.
BT: Well, sure. That’s true. I guess I just never thought about it. But since Jackie raised the question, I’ll ask you now. What color would you prefer?
SH: How about mermaid hair?
BT: What the heck is mermaid hair?
SH: Wow, where have you been hiding? It’s the newest trend to color your hair in shades of red, blue, green. Basically all sorts of combinations.
BT: I’m trying to think of a word for this that won’t make me sound like . . . I don’t know, old?
BT: It’s not polite to roll your eyes at the author.
SH: Whatever.
BT: Okay, moving on. I’ve had people asking me when the next novel is coming out, so would you like to give everyone an update on the progress?
SH: Did you hear my eyes roll again? I mean . . . really? Look in the mirror, Mr. Author. You’re in charge of that stuff. Me? I’m just trying to keep my head above water . . . oh, wait, does that give something away?
BT: Um, I think it’s okay. At least where you’re concerned. Let’s move on. Nothing to see here. By the way, How’s Clay doing?
BT: Yo, I asked how Clay was doing.
BT: Hello! You still there?
SH: Look, I don’t want to talk about Clay. It’s . . . It’s . . . I gotta go.
BT: Summer?
BT: I guess she had to go investigate a crime. More to come.
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Praise from U. S. Senator Bill Nelson, Florida

I enjoyed Perception of Power so much I went on your Brucethomason.com site and ordered Six O'clock Rule and Body Toll.  Detective Commander Clay Randall is truly an interesting character as are the other members in the police force he works with.  I love your style of writing which in this book the action starts in Chapter 1 and continues to the end.  You have definitely chosen a second career that you should be as successful at as you were in your law enforcement career.  Having worked with sheriff's deputies, police officers for much of my Probation and Parole career I am glad you incorporated the sense of humor in your characters as the criminal acts seen can wear you down but at the end of the day going home safely to your family is what matters the most.    Jim DePoy 


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